Humble GameMaking Bundle

Just over a day left to grab Humble GameMaking Bundle with wonderful game assets! Couple of my assets are also involved Humble Bundle Fantasy DLC Pack. Go check it out, if you missed it!


5 Useful Inkscape Tools


I draw nearly all of my art works in Inkscape. This open source software for creating vector graphics has a lot of opportunities. Well, if Inkscape doesn’t have something that other similar commercial analogs have — it’s a great reason to think and solve needed task in your own way. Continue reading

Draw with Jazza channel


Today I wanted to tell you about a youtube channel, that I learned from and to — it’s Draw with Jazza channel. There you can find a lot of useful tutorials on drawing 2d cartoon art and animation. When I discovered this channel, I immediately started to learn all the videos in a row as if I was going to complete them as a course. Continue reading

Ludum Dare competition


At the end of 2011, devolonter and I first learned about Ludum Dare (an accelerated video game development competition) and we immediately decided to participate. And if devolonter had some personal experience in making games, I didn’t know how to draw or animate. Our first game created together was Stand Alone, for which I drew only some paper concepts. Continue reading