Draw with Jazza channel

Today I wanted to tell you about a youtube channel, that I learned from and to — it’s Draw with Jazza channel. There you can find a lot of useful tutorials on drawing 2d cartoon art and animation. When I discovered this channel, I immediately started to learn all the videos in a row as if I was going to complete them as a course.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the new knowledge, I tried to repeat by myself almost all drawing sections of the tutorials. And I can say that it really helped me to get my hand in drawing, at least I think so.

Almost every description of the tutorial contains links to the source materials. And if I have nothing to open the flash-files with, I examined pdf-files with a great pleasure and now I keep them on my PC in order to use as a reference when I need it.

Here are some of my favorite tutorials..

  • How to Draw Dynamic Expressions
  • How to Draw Demons
  • Let’s Draw Villains!
  • How to Create Characters (the Design Process)
  • How to Draw: Foreshortening

… and many others. I’m sure everyone will find a tutorial to their liking or topic of interest. In the latest video Jazza told about the upcoming channel and the format of the tutorials update, which I look forward.