Pin-up Illustration Course by ToonBoxStudio

This time I want to share with you some results of a drawing video course I completed recently. It’s Pin-up Illustration Course by Paris Christou (ToonBoxStudio). Generally speaking, this course represents ‘How to Draw Cherry’ tutorials. Cherry is a pin-up character created by Paris Christou (2D/3D Animator and Pin-up artist).

I didn’t know about Cherry earlier, but these tutorials were very useful for me in learning how to draw female cartoon characters. The course is taught in software called Sketchbook Pro, but I was able to follow instructions using just pencil and paper (sometimes putting a video on pause). Drawing principles are mostly the same, no matter what kind of software you are using. Even if I draw in vector (using Inkscape), my initial sketches are drawn in the classical way.


Paris Christou is a great teacher, who explains very well. He created many interesting courses covering creation of cartoon characters. So check his site out — to find out or learn something new. You can also check his great youtube chanel.

Here are some of my favorite youtube tutorials..

  • How to Draw Cartoon Eyes Tutorial
  • How to Draw Clothes Tutorial
  • Straights Against Curves Tutorial

…and many more.

As a result of my learning, here is a well-known cartoon female character, that I created by the end of the course. I took inspiration from the reboot of Sailor Moon series — Sailor Moon Crystal.