Ludum Dare competition

At the end of 2011, devolonter and I first learned about Ludum Dare (an accelerated video game development competition) and we immediately decided to participate. And if devolonter had some personal experience in making games, I didn’t know how to draw or animate. Our first game created together was Stand Alone, for which I drew only some paper concepts.

Afterwards, we tried to participate as regularly as possible. There were some satisfactory results as well as very bad ones. Once, we’ve gone the distance before reaching the finish line. Another time, a musician joined our team, so devolonter had to do only programming part. But it didn’t work out.

Our previous LD games ( in ascending order): Stand alone (LD#22) | Codename E | Survive in gravity (LD#25 Warmup) | Mad Professor (LD#25) | Buzzbuster LD#27

I don’t want to say that we were doing something special or brilliant (but when you do, you think absolutely the opposite thing) — the majority of our games are only prototypes. And plans for their full completion are transferred in our TODO list every year. But it’s noteworthy that participation in each contest was extremely exciting and fascinating. No matter how many bugs you have in your code or how bad your animation is — you give it your all. Looking back I remember only these emotions. And it‘s for them I’m going forward.

Ludum Dare 29 starts this weekend. This year, the competition celebrating a 12 years anniversary, by the way. So, good luck and have fun!