5 Useful Inkscape Tools

I draw nearly all of my art works in Inkscape. This open source software for creating vector graphics has a lot of opportunities. Well, if Inkscape doesn’t have something that other similar commercial analogs have - it’s a great reason to think and solve needed task in your own way.

I think all Inkscape tools become useful sooner or later - it all depends on the goal. But I would like to highlight five tools that I use

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Source of Knowledge - Draw with Jazza channel

Today I wanted to tell you about a youtube channel, that I learned from and to - it’s Draw with Jazza channel. There you can find a lot of useful tutorials on drawing 2d cartoon art and animation. When I discovered this channel, I immediately started to learn all the videos in a row as if I was going to complete them as a course.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the new knowledge, I tried to

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